Springfield Farms Cartridges Are Not What They Seem

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Springfield Farms Cartridges Are Not What They Seem

As fast as the demand has been increasing for THC vape cartridges, so has grown the manufacturing of the fake carts. People often buy these counterfeit cartridges unknowingly, as people and even companies sell them as the real thing. Vaping is a huge, still growing sector of the cannabis industry. In fact, according to Forbes, prefilled cartridges cover over 58 percent of all concentrate sales, so it’s no surprise the black market wants to get its share of the profits. However, using these fake cartridges can have serious consequences as you never know what really is inside them.

Fake Springfield Farms Cartridges

Springfield Farms carts might look tempting; after all, the packages have different Simpson characters printed on them that we all love. But this should be the first and one of the biggest red flags telling you are dealing with unlicensed cartridges. You can also find a few Reddit posts about the brand discussing their unlicensed products, and they are one of Reddit’s fake brand list. We listed the most important reasons why you should stay away from Springfield Farms.

THC Cartridge Busts Happen Frequently

Many parties have jumped into the vape cart business as transporting illegal goods is a fairly quick and easy way to make money than actually growing your own cannabis or producing legitimate products. However, THC cartridge busts often happen; just this April, an officer noticed a suspicious vehicle in the middle of an ongoing traffic stop in Lebanon County; after the search warrant was granted, police were able to seize $500,000 worth of THC products. Last September, police seized over 20,000 cartridges containing THC after a long operation in Ohio. Both health concerns and a constantly growing market have forced authorities to put a lot more resources into stopping illegal cartridges, and you can easily spot them yourself too.

Reasons why Springfield Carts Are Fake

Below is a list breaking down why this is not a real THC cartridge company with proper licenses.

1. Uses Stolen Brand

This is the easiest way to tell if the THC cartridge brand is legit or not. Many fake brands use stolen brand names, logos, or styles, especially well-known candy and cartoon characters, to target a large fan base. Actually, it’s against federal and state rules for cannabis companies to make their products appealing to children; and we can be very sure Fox has not permitted to use anything related to The Simpsons in weed products.


2. Impossible To Find Company Info

If you try to find who is behind Springfield Farms cartridges, you quickly hit the dead end. The company doesn’t have its own website where you could see their info and lab results. However, Springfield Farms has an Instagram page that unfortunately looks a lot like it’s meant to attract younger customers with all the bright colors and fun flavor names.

3. You Don’t Know What’s In The Carts

As there are no regulations and no control over the unlicensed cartridges, these carts can be made out of basically anything. Many fake brands have been tested to contain pesticides, herbicides and to have problems with potency and purity. The liquid inside the cartridge can be something completely different than it should be, and you take a considerable risk with your health using them.

Use Legit Cartridges

Keep yourself safe and avoid unlicensed cartridges; check the company info and lab results first before vaping.


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