Fake Muha Meds Carts Is an Unlicensed Company

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Fake Muha Meds Carts Is an Unlicensed Company

There are THC cartridges being shared on reddit called Muha Meds carts, and it looks like they are not from a licensed cannabis company. The growing popularity of the cannabis industry has led to an increase in the presence of fake cartridges. These cartridges can be difficult to set apart from legitimate products, making first-time buyers at risk of using these products.
These illegitimate cartridges are dangerous for a number of reasons. Most notably, they can contain pesticides, chemicals, and other additives. One of the most common is Vitamin E acetate, which is commonly used in skincare products to aid inconsistency. However, when added to cartridges, it creates a consistency that is similar to oil. When inhaled, Vitamin E acetate can cause injury to the lungs and has been identified as a cause of lung injuries by the CDC
However, these counterfeit brands have been able to distribute their products to those who are unknowingly purchasing illegitimate cartridges. From custom packaging to even full websites, these companies have tried to make the process of vetting products difficult. There are even individuals who seek to counterfeit legitimate brands. On rare occasions, they are even found in stores, though in person interactions are more common. 

Fake Muha Meds 

Muha Meds, a brand that claims to sell quality cartridges, is a popular brand. However, this company, or what most believe to be an unregulated street brand, is not legitimate. The popular reddit community, r/fakecartridges has multiple posts about Muha Meds, with many telling Muha Meds purchasers that they are better off purchasing from a different company. Other reasons for shying away from the company include: 

  • No lab results for cartridges
  • Suspiciously low prices ($15/cartridge)
  • No license or license number available

There are a number of ways to spot a fake product. The above criteria, though Muha Meds does have these characteristics, can apply to any brand that may seem suspicious. It is important to do research on brands prior to purchase to ensure that they do not cause any health risks to customers. 


THC Cartridge Busts are Frequent 

In addition to being dangerous for consumption, distribution of these illegitimate cartridges is highly illegal. Law enforcement agencies around the United States have busted illegal cartridge operations. 
A home operation in Indiana was busted with over 1,200 THC cartridges as well as some other cannabis products. These products totaled to $30,000. 
In Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, state police seized nearly $500,000 worth of THC products during a traffic stop. Their seizure included over 9,500 THC carts, among other products. The investigation and seizure ultimately led to the arrest of two individuals. 
These busts came as a result of what law enforcement officials described as “suspicious activity”, from a routine traffic stop to a suspicious package. Busts like these are not uncommon, especially as law enforcement officials become more aware of operations. Illegitimate cartridges, though a somewhat profitable operation, comes with numerous risks that can result in prosecution and arrests. These illegitimate cartridge operations not only put people at risk of arrest but also put their customers’ health at risk. 


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