KRT Yang Carts Are Not A Licensed Company

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KRT Yang Carts Are Not A Licensed Company

KRT Yang carts have risen in popularity amongst cannabis vape lovers, but many fail to realize the dangers of unlicensed brands.  These products could have anything in them, and in most cases, are just distillate with pesticides inside them that couldn’t be sold legally.

KRT Yang cartridges

  • Are commonly counterfeited, making it impossible to know if you have a legitimate “KRT vape” or a copy of their product with fillers
  • There is no license attached to the brand, which means that there’s no way to trace what labs the products came out of
  • No testing parameters available, which means that KRT carts don’t reveal the contents of their vape juice to the public
  • They Have dozens of illegitimate social media accounts attached to the brand
  • There is no one source to trace their makers and product line

The Black Market has Turned Vape Products into a Confusing Mess

As cannabis legalization in many parts of the U.S. remains stagnant, an epidemic of dangerous vape products continues to sweep the nation.  With some regions carrying various innovative vape products regulated by dispensaries, areas without legalization are left with a void (and no shortage of people who still want to use THC vapes).  Unfortunately, the black market gladly fills that void by sending millions of legitimate-looking vape products that are cut with carcinogenic additives, lead, heavy and lethal preservatives, and maybe (if you’re lucky) a small percentage of THC or CBD.

KRT Yang carts are just one of many popular brands that tout legitimacy with their attractive white and gold packaging and cartridges.  People on reddit have identified KRT carts to have no licensing, permit, website, or even an identifiable company behind the products.  THC consumers will often buy these products without actually knowing if the brand is legitimate or not, and these brands make it as confusing as possible for consumers to know for sure.  There are even counterfeits of genuine THC cartridge brands, with packaging that seems indistinguishable from the original.  All of this to say, if you don’t know if a brand is legitimate, don’t risk it.  And if KRT Yang carts were on your list of vape products to try, we strongly advise you to cross that option out.  

THC Cartridge Busts are as Frequent as They Come

Black market THC products are high on the radar of police forces around the nation, and there’s no shortage of drug busts putting these counterfeit stashers in federal prison.  Since the 2019 outbreak of lung illnesses related to counterfeit vaping products, the police have watched black market sellers closely.  This is because these products are a public health threat; no one knows where these products come from or what they’re made with.  This investigation revealed that even cannabis plants grown from black market growers contained toxic and deadly chemicals.  No matter what the product is, large black market sellers don’t have your health and safety in mind.  It’s evident that the motive is to make a cheap product that will sell to THC users with no other option.


Even if it’s disappointing to hear, this information is essential for any THC consumer to know to be able to keep themselves safe and out of a hospital bed.

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