Using Glo Carts Comes with a Risk

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Using Glo Carts Comes with a Risk

The brand Glo Extracts has recently taken the spotlight as the counterfeit vape crisis continues uncontrolled.  According to Leafly, more than 2,051 Americans were sick and 39 died from vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI) in 2019.  VAPI was the result of unregulated vape manufacturers cutting the vape juice with ingredients such as Tocopheryl-acetate, also known as vitamin E oil.  This is done to make the cannabis ingredients in the product go farther, thus making it cheaper for the manufacturer.  The damage of these cutting agents has declined in the past two years as many became aware of the issue, but the controversy around Glo Extract carts goes to show that the problem is far from being over.

Are Glo Carts Fake?

The infamous Glo cartridge is a THC product out of California.  The fun holographic packaging as well as the Glo vapes themselves look to be good quality, and some Glo Extract reviews say that Glo THC carts are a solid cannabis product.  But here’s the caviat: if you get an authentic Glo cartridge that’s all good and well, but the problem is that there’s no way for a consumer to tell if what they’re purchasing is legitimate and without harmful additives.

So are Glo Extracts fake?  Are Glo Extracts safe?  No one knows.  This is because the brand has remained unlicensed and unregistered since conception.  The brand has done everything in its power to look legitimate besides actually registering their products with California state’s cannabis regulations.  They even have a verification process called GLOTRACK, which only verifies that the packaging apparently comes directly from Glo manufacturers and does nothing to verify the actual contents of their vapes.

8,100 Glo Carts Busted 

glo extracts carts bust


With a lack of regulation, comes an abundance of counterfeits.  Despite its popularity, Glo Extract remains a street brand.  And because of its popularity, many counterfeit vape manufacturers have stuck the Glo logo on their dangerous products.  This is simply what happens when you run an unregulated brand; even if their authentic products are fairly good, they’re still sold on the black market.  No matter how hard you look, you won’t find a single Glo dab cart in licensed, regulated dispensaries.  Glo cartridges are only bought from informal sources, such as friends and in-person or online dealers.  The CDC states that these informal sources directly relate to victims of lung injury from vape products.

Last year, Staten Island police even found over 8,000 Glo carts illegally stashed in a storage container.  The stash remains under investigation, but you can be sure that Glo cartridges remain on police’s radar as a big black market player.

The brand has several websites, several instagrams, and are said to have paid reviews touting their products.  What does all this tell you?  Basically, that there’s no way to know for sure that your Glo vape is safe.  There’s no way to order these products from a direct source.  No matter what, you’re playing Russian Roullette when playing with Glo Extracts.


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