Green Box Carts Are Illegally Sold Without A License

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Green Box Carts Are Illegally Sold Without A License

As the rise in legal weed sales increases, unfortunately so do sales of black market products such as THC vapes. Leafepedia is a cannabis information and educational platform, known for reporting to users the most up-to-date information on potentially fake and hazardous THC products. Green Box vapes is a pretty famous brand of black market THC vapes, known by many street users around Reddit. Unfortunately, there are many mixed reviews online, whether they are real or fake carts. Usually, if carts are being debated for their authenticity, it is likely they are black market vapes. Legal, safe, and verified vape cartridges will be easier to find clear information on from medical marijuana websites and even local dispensaries.

 While some users claim Green Box vapes are some of the best black market vapes out there, they are still illegal and run the risk of safety concerns. Regardless of other reported personal experiences with these vapes, anytime you smoke illegal THC carts, you run the risk of potentially dangerous symptoms. If you notice any of these signs days or weeks after using a black market THC cart, see your doctor right away. 

Potential Symptoms of Fake THC Carts 

  • Dizziness 
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea or Vomiting 
  • Weakness/Fatigue 

Green Box Cartridges Are Not Safe 

It is important to note that no street cart is necessarily safe. In the recent skyrocket of illegal THC vapes being sold many tests showing heavy metals or pesticides. All of which can cause hazardous symptoms, even sending some teenagers to the emergency room in early 2020 for ingredients found in black market vapes such as Vitamin E and Vegetable Glycerin. That being said, many Reddit users have been discussing these vapes with better regard and safety than other brands. Many users report only having good experiences with Green Box. One user even posted a picture of their batch results, which tested over 88% clean. 

Other users though had their own thoughts and it is important to point out the test results were posted by Green Box Instagram themselves. Meaning these results could have easily been manipulated or not posted with the entire results. At the end of the day, buying black market THC vapes are always going to run the risk of being made with faulty cannabis or chemicals. Green Box vapes may be pretty popular among the street vape market with them even having an Instagram and Snapchat where they are set to release a new pod device. Regardless of how “safe” these street carts are considered by many consumers, they are still unregistered, unregistered, and not vetted for proper safety standards. 

Identifying if carts are real

fake green box cart


When purchasing a THC cart, it is so important to make sure you are only smoking batch-tested, organic, and licensed vapes. Many black market brands will develop entire social media, branding campaigns, and product development to look like they are a licensed THC brand. Sometimes users have trouble figuring out if they have a regulated or black market THC cart. When purchasing an authentic and regulated license THC cart, it will usually contain these four identifiers. 

  • Lot number
  • Package Date 
  • Batch Number 
  • Manufacturing Date 

Leafepedia Feature for Identifying Fake Carts is an educational platform for all things THC. Their website offers users the most up-to-date information on cannabis science, laws, and health. They are a dependable source of information trying to make more people aware of the benefits of cannabis. And also the side effects of fake cannabis and carts.  Part of their efforts to legitimate cannabis use is by weeding out illegal and black market products that could cause dangerous side effects. They are hoping to stop sellers from taking advantage of inexperienced cannabis smokers, often selling them fake or low-quality THC carts. Green Box Vape Carts are just one of many brands exposed for their fake batch results. 

Leafepedia’s site features a massive resource list, where users can identify fake carts by product names and images. This database will also allow users to upload pictures of the carts they suspect are fake. These results will take users to news stories and lab reports on them. Simply look up the cart name or image in the search bar. Leafepedia has heard the need to keep people from potentially dangerous THC cart experiences. We recommend always buying carts from a dispensary or licensed dealer for the safest use. 


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