Fake Buddah bear THC cartridges Are Not Licensed

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Fake Buddah bear THC cartridges Are Not Licensed

Buddah bear THC cartridges are popular vape cartridges due to their bright colors and accessibility. However, there are a few revealing factors that expose Buddah Bear a clear black market brand that should not be your go-to.

Buddah Bear THC Cartridge red flags

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There are a few indications that Buddah Bear THC cartridges are illegitimate. 

  1. Cartoonish packaging
    The biggest red flag for the Buddha Bear THC cartridges is in the packaging. The package is very colorful, almost as if it’s being marketed towards children. 
  2. Missing state-required stickers
    There are no state-required stickers that list the THC values. 
  3. No California Compliance Certificate
    Some Buddah Bear packages have a QR code that sends the user to lab test results. While the lab results show that the product has high levels of THC and does not have contaminates, the website does not have a California Compliance Certificate that proves the legitimacy of the lab results. 
  4. No legal license number
    Buddah Bear does not have a legal license number, nor any reasonable web presence at all. Any legitimate cannabis company would have this number listed on their website
  5. Lacking a web presence
    Buddha bear has a registered domain, buddahbearbrand.com, however, it has been listed as “coming soon” for about three years.
  6. Negative Reddit discussions
    Discussions about Buddah Bear are common on Reddit’s r/fakecartidge. These posts quickly expose the dangers of black market products. Reddit contributors continue to ask what they are actually ingesting since they can’t find it on the packaging. Others mention that the high may be decent, but the headaches that came with them are definitely not. Shady social media tactics have also been revealed, furthering distrust in the brand.

Why you should avoid all black-market cartridges

Those who sell illegal vape cartridges do not follow the same testing criteria that licensed dispensaries are required to do. Because of this, fake cartridges can contain synthetic cannabinoids and any combination of unknown and unwanted substances including chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and vitamin E. Vitamin E mimics oil, but it becomes dangerous when inhaled. The combination of these substances can cause lung damage.

These types of cartridges typically appeal to people who cannot go to a dispensary due to location or legality, or users who are below the legal age. These products are more affordable, so others will try to save some money by buying these. Supporting the company by default supports advertising to younger users.


Do your research

It is always suggested that you make your own choices based on your research so that you are in charge of your health. When you are researching on your own, here is a quick list of signs that a THC cartridge might be fake:

  • Packaging that looks cartoonish
  • Names, slogans, or logos of common, licensed companies that appear slightly altered
  • THC values printed directly on the packaging instead of on a sticker or no THC values listed at all 
  • No legal license number
  • No company website
  • Sketchy social media presence


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