Dabwoods Carts Are Poison And Put Woman Into A Coma

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Dabwoods Carts Are Poison And Put Woman Into A Coma

Beware of dabwoods carts, it sent a veterinary tech to the hospital where she was put into a coma. She had purchased the cartridge from her regular dealer because the prices for THC carts at her local dispensary were too expensive for $70 a gram. 

Too high prices because of the taxes associated with cannabis oil cartridges are causing people to buy them from local dealers to try and save money. There are a lot of people trying to save money on THC carts, and this has allowed the cannabis cartridge black market to thrive. Individuals illegally sell THC cartridges on the Internet, and a lot of the time they will run away with the money. The Dabwoods carts is a street brand known for its distinct packaging which resembles backwoods. However, there are a number of concerns that come with the brand’s usage. Fake cartridges can contain pesticides, chemicals, and other additives that can be harmful. The company appears to be legitimate on the surface in order to appeal to young customers and even teens.

Additional Reasons To Stay Away Dabwoods vape carts

Below are some of the most noticeable red flags that have presented themselves about Dabwoods. These reasons apply not only to Dabwoods but other companies that also try to sell illegitimate products. Be sure to do research on products that may seem suspicious before purchasing. 

  • No lab results. 
  • A sure sign of an illegitimate company is their lack of accessible lab results. Reputable companies will use a third-party lab to ensure that there are no harmful additives. Always proceed with caution if a company does not have readily accessible lab results. 
  • Too Low prices.
  • While there are companies that do offer good deals, some deals truly are too good to be true. For $25.00 per cart, when a normal cart can be upwards of $40.00, these products are unfortunately too good to be true. 
  • Packing available online. 
  • The notorious Dabwoods packaging is available online through other retailers. By looking up “Dabwoods packaging” anyone can find Dabwoods empty cartridges in bulk. There is a lot of concern because anyone is able to put any type of oil in these cartridges including contaminated. 
  • No official website. 

Dabwoods also does not have an official website. Operating out of third-party sellers online, there is no official site for information about products. This can raise some suspicions because it implies a lack of information about a company and their operations. 

Lots of Warnings to Stay Away

There are also a number of online communities that caution against using these products. The Reddit community r/fakecartridges has a number of posts cautioning against the usage of Dabwood products. Other communities even have warnings about Dabwoods. Users cite warning signs such as the low prices that are offered and a lack of information about the company itself.  


There have also been many other articles that have voiced concern over the distribution of Dabwoods products. Cannabis Thrives, a popular cannabis news site that provides reviews on products, has also published an article about the dangers of the company and their illegitimate cartridges. 

These signs are just some of the ways that individuals can keep themselves safe from illegitimate products. These products pose a danger because of their unknown ingredients, which can lead to potential health issues. Looking into information that is provided by communities or even other companies can also help when vetting products. Be sure to do research before buying to prevent any health issues. 


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