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Corona Virus Vaccine THC Oil Cartridge

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December 10, 2020
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Corona Virus Vaccine THC Oil Cartridge

corna virus vaccine thc oil cartridge

Another unlicensed cannabis oil cartridge has appeared online in a popular subreddit, and it’s branded as a Corona virus vaccine. The THC oil looks really clear indicating it might actually be delta-8, but it’s definitely not an actual vaccine for COVID. A lot of people are humored online by this type of packaging, but the truth is there’s a high chance it’s not clean from pesticides. It’s important to be aware that these types of unlicensed cartridges are not being lab tested for impurities. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing if a marijuana oil cartridge has pesticides by the taste or smell of it.

Avoid being drawn in by this humorous packaging, it’s not worth the possible health consequences that can come from vaping it. The people behind these types of prefilled THC oil cartridges focus on profit, which literally hurts their customers. It won’t kill their customers right away, but will start by causing chest pains, and more serious problems in the future after heavy and long term use. We are frequently reporting on unlicensed vape cartridges prefilled with hash oil.

History of fake THC cartridges

Vaping cannabis oil cartridges is something that has not been around for too long. It’s a new method to consume marijuana at much higher potencies and conveniently. It soon turned into a super lucrative way for the black market to make money by tricking people that they had for sale high quality vape cartridges prefilled with marijuana oil. Unfortunately, shortly after there was a national reporting of people experiencing serious health problems after using unlicensed THC oil carts.


There was a news report by NBC which showed how some unlicensed carts have tested for hydrogen cyanide, a chemical that’s flammable. At the end of the day, the people selling these poisonous carts are criminals with no disregard for people’s health. They are going to focus on what’s going to increase their profits, and that includes using harmful chemicals such as pesticides. A lot of people have been hospitalized and some have nearly lost their life because of these home made vape cartridges. We strongly encourage you not to risk your health trying to save money buying from a unlicensed cannabis oil cartridge product.

This COVID cartridge most likely is not clean of chemicals and can result in health problems. It’s not a licensed marijuana product, and has no evidence to support its legal. We encourage you to reach out to us if you’ve come across this product, and let us know where you’re from so we can report more information about where it’s being sold.

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