Choices Carts Are Unlicensed and Unpredictable

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April 23, 2021
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Choices Carts Are Unlicensed and Unpredictable

Chances are you’ve come across the Choices carts from someone you know who is selling them, because they are not going to be for sale at a licensed dispensary. They are a fake cannabis company and do not have the licenses to sell. The number of people who vape THC carts has been increasing rapidly. Euromonitor estimated that the number of adults who vape will reach almost 55 million this year. It’s not surprising that over 58% of all extract sales in the cannabis industry come from prefilled cartridges. These numbers are the reason why we have to deal more and more with black market carts. Countless unlicensed brands are trying to get their piece of the profits, often at the expense of their customer’s health.

Frequent Cartridge Busts

Many fake brands hop into the cartridge business thinking it works as a get-rich-quick scheme. They don’t have to go through the legal process of growing cannabis and producing THC products. The brand just transports the carts and possibly fills them with whatever dirty ingredients they like. Increasing market and health problems caused by the fake cartridges have forced authorities to work harder towards stopping these operations. Vape cart busts happen often, and the results tell their own story of the scale of the fake cartridge problem. Last September, 20,000 THC cartridges were taken by the police in Ohio after a lengthy operation. In April, authorities stopped a suspicious car in Lebanon County and seized THC edibles worth over $500,000.

Choices carts

packaging of choices carts
The Choices carts is an unlicensed brand selling cartridge packages with two 0.5ml carts per pack. Since they popped up in early 2020, they have been one of the most faked brands in the vape cartridge market. So it is not enough that the original brand itself is a black market brand, but there are countless knockoffs. Choices packing can be easily found on many websites selling these kinds of products to whoever wants to buy them. Choices problems don’t end there:

  • 1) No legal brand behind them
    It is annoyingly difficult to find any information about the company behind Choices carts. They do not have their own website, their Instagram profile was challenging to find, and the only link there was to their Telegram group. Everything screams there is no licensed brand behind Choices cartridges.
  • 2) Fake lab results
    There has been discussion in Reddit about the Choices carts and their lab results. Through their Instagram and Telegram chat, you can find copies of test results of some of their products. According to this Reddit user, these tests have been questioned as the lab Choices uses is known to produce fake results. It is also pretty easy for the black market brand to send one good patch just for testing purposes.
  • 3) Fake QR codes
    Nowadays, it is normal to see QR codes everywhere. They are often used in vape cartridge packages so that customers can scan the code and get confirmation of the authenticity of their carts. The only problem is anybody can make this kind of QR system. You don’t really gain anything by scanning the code, but the brand uses it to try to look more legitimate.
  • 4) Avoid Fake Cartridges
    Before you buy any vape cartridges, make sure that you have checked that the carts are licensed and produced by a legitimate company.

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