Cartnite Carts are Dangerous And Not Licensed

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June 1, 2021
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As THC vape cartridges gain popularity, more and more fraudulent carts come on the market. One example of these fake carts is the Cartnite Cart. The video game Fortnite became popular soon after its release in 2017 and now has over 350 million registered players. Based on the famous game, Cartnite Carts have pictures of different game characters on the front. The cartridges advertise premium flavors like Sour Diesel, Mimosa, and Gorilla Glue – some very popular strains. But, these cartridges are not what they seem to be. According to the CDC, there have been 2,807 hospitalizations from vaping or e-cigarette- associated lung injury as of February 2020. Many of these lung injuries resulted from illegitimate products, though it is impossible to tell how many.

With more illegitimate vape cartridges on the market, it’s important for consumers to know what they are purchasing. Illegitimate cartridges often contain vitamin E acetate, which is thought to be the culprit for many of these lung injuries. There may be other chemicals with negative effects on lung health, but vitamin E was proven to be harmful. Legitimate THC cartridges should never contain vitamin E acetate or other chemicals. A cartridge from a licensed seller will only contain THC and other cannabinoids. 

The Cartnite Carts are one example of dangerous, fake THC carts. There are a few ways to tell how illegitimate these carts are:

  • No company tied to them: Cartnite Carts can only be found through sources like individual sellers because there is no company representing them. The only way to find Cartnite Carts is through the black market and illegal cannabis purchasing, which is a sign that they’re illegitimate. 
  • Using branded content: Fortnite is a hugely popular game. Any products or content that use Fortnite characters or imagery would need to work directly alongside the creators of Fortnite. But, no one has heard anything from the Fortnite brand or creators about these Cartnite Carts. That means that whoever is selling the Cartnite Carts is doing so without the permission of the game’s owners.
  • No website: Like the above points, the main sign that Cartnite Carts are dangerous is that there’s no way to check their legitimacy. Safe cartridges usually have a brand and website where buyers can learn more about the product. But Cartnite Carts have no website, no brand, and no company. 

Because Cartnite Carts don’t have a brand and aren’t sold in licensed dispensaries, there is no one checking their ingredients. Anyone can prefill empty cartridges with chemicals unsafe for human consumption and sell them as branded Cartnite Carts. In states where cannabis is legal, it’s easier to find safe, legitimate cartridges because they can be regulated. The best way to avoid fraudulent cartridges is for consumers to only buy from reputable sources. Licensed dispensaries in legal-weed states are always the best option for finding good cartridges. They are regulated by agencies like the Cannabis Justice Office and the FDA, so consumers can always expect the safest products. 

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