Cali Carts Are Unlicensed and Unsafe Cartridges

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Lions Breath Carts are Not Licensed Cartridges
June 11, 2021

Cali Carts Are Unlicensed and Unsafe Cartridges

Cali Carts has come onto the scene as a popular and cheap brand. They are notorious for their bright and vibrant branding that is available at a fair price, especially their Cali Carts. However, at a closer glance, there are a number of key indicators that show they are an illegitimate company. 

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  • No company website: When looking up the company, there is some initial confusion as the first company that appears seems to only be a merchandise company. At the very bottom of their product options, there is a tab for “Cannabis” but that only takes customers to a WeedMaps page for the UHCC-Chango Club, which does not appear to have any Cali Plug products. Legitimate companies such as WeedMaps put their products through a rigorous process to ensure that they are not selling dangerous products. The company’s lack of products on the website is a red flag. 
  • No lab testing results: In addition, the lack of a website means there is no additional information on what their products are. This means that they are unable to provide lab testing results. Third-party lab results are consistently used to ensure that products do not contain chemicals and additives that can have negative impacts. Legitimate companies typically use these to prove that their products are safe. 
  • Reddit Discussion: Through online forums, such as Reddit’s r/fakecartridges and r/oilpen group, a quick search for Cali Carts brings those who adamantly encourage those who have purchased a Cali Cart to not use the product. This is especially the case for those who indicate that they have not bought their products from a licensed dispensary. 
  • Fake Packaging Available for Purchase: Another search for Cali Carts brings up the website Alibaba, which is a platform that is similar to Amazon based in China. At a closer glance, this shows that the Cali Carts products include empty cartridges. These cartridges can then be filled with any type of product that is not necessarily tested through a legitimate lab. There is also a wide range of packets, boxes, and stickers that have the Cali Carts and Cali Plug brand name on them, which helps dealers to give the appearance of legitimate products. 

Illegitimate carts such as these can pose a number of dangers. Due to their nature of being on the cheaper side, they usually appeal to those who are unable to go to a dispensary or for younger users. They can include numerous ingredients that can cause issues such as incessant coughing and lung pain as well. This is due to the possible addition of chemicals such as Vitamin E, which is used to re-create the viscosity of oil but can pose a danger when inhaled. These dangers are never worth getting a product for a cheap price, and customers are heavily encouraged to do their research in order to avoid putting their health at risk.  



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