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How To Buy Cheap Bongs Online Where The Smoke Shops Go

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How To Buy Cheap Bongs Online Where The Smoke Shops Go

We expose in this article where all of the online headshops are buying their cheap bongs online. There are simply so many places you can go to purchase cheap bongs online. But, finding a reliable and trustworthy eCommerce store where you can buy quality yet affordable bongs is a bit of a task. So in this article, we’ll discuss how the dropping shipping industry markets cheap bongs and how you can save yourself money when purchasing good bong online.

Local Smoke Shops Are Outsourcing From China

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Drop shipping is a concept where a seller acts as the middle man between the supplier and customer. In the world of eCommerce, the seller does not necessarily hold a particular product in their warehouse. To put it simply, they advertise a project online, and once a purchase has been made, the product ships from a supplier warehouse. This marketing and selling model enables a vast majority of newbie or wannabe merchants to begin the process of setting up an online store without ever having any actual physical contact with the product they advertise.

The Downfalls of Buying Cheap Water Bongs Online through Drop shippers. 

Who wouldn’t love a cheap glass bong? Cheap bongs are plastered all over the internet and social media, making it difficult for consumers to determine their bong’s authenticity and quality. But why should you even care about purchasing cheap bongs online? If it does what it’s meant to do, then surely it’s perfectly fine? 

Unfortunately, the drop shipping industry has become swamped with unreliable money-hungry sellers. Nowadays, nearly anyone who has a little capital behind them can start a quick and easy drop shipping business selling cheap bongs under $20 or less. Many sellers may register or claim their website is based in the USA. However, this may be far from the truth. Even if a seller were to be located within North America, there is a strong chance that they are getting their “cheap bongs” from warehouses in China etc. You’ll often find that companies who sell cheap water bongs that ship straight from China will lack business transparency. Common features we denote as red flags may include:

  • Poor customer service.
  • False advertisement.
  • No company contact details.
  • Poor image resolution on websites.
  • Lack of tracking number.
  • No email verification or purchase verification.

Finally, one of the most common trends we see with people purchasing cheap bongs of unreliable drop shippers is shipping the product. And, it makes perfect sense! Products coming from China or being made in China will take time to process and export out to the USA. As a result, the delivery of a product can take ages. If you were to order a semi-good cheap bong from an online store, you might have to wait anywhere from 30 to 90 days to receive the product. 


So, Where Can You Buy Good Cheap Water Pipes Online

The good news is not all eCommerce based websites sell poor quality bongs online. There are quite a few reliable online stores where cannabis users can either purchase quality bongs from a retailer or directly from a supplier. There are many advantages to purchasing cheap bongs online, but we’ll just focus on two!

Firstly, you have the opportunity to purchase directly from the supplier! By cutting out the middle man, the seller, you’ll instantly have access to quality, and affordable bongs are a lower cost. Secondly, online cannabis shops are independent of physical dispensaries. By purchasing cheap bongs online, you’ll find there to be a lot more variety and options. So the end result, purchasing bongs online from a reliable eCommerce platform or directly from the warehouse will instantly help you save money and give you access to a lot more bong designs and styles. 

Below we will briefly list some of the best places to purchase affordable bongs online without having to worry about tracking your order, customer service, and product quality. 

  1. Alibaba is undoubtedly offers an eCommerce platform where users can purchase affordable quality bongs directly from China.
  2. DHGate directly takes out the seller’s role! This wholesaler’s website allows marijuana users to purchase cheap glass bongs directly from the warehouse at an affordable wholesale price. 

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