Fake Stiiizy Pods Still A Problem

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The Stiiizy brand has been soaring in popularity ever since being established in 2017. Located in California, Stiiizy quickly found themselves pioneering the vape pod industry with environmentally conscious, high-quality vape pods.  With botanically derived flavors and a high level of purity, they are one of the most sought out vape pods in the country. Because of that, they are also one of the most common pods to be a target for knock-offs and counterfeit. 

Whenever something takes off as quickly as Stiiizy, there are bound to be people trying to cheaply cash in on the brand name. A pod is considered fake when it is filled with oil not made directly by Stiiizy. In these cases, users may get something that lacks the flavor and potency of a legitimate Stiiizy. In worse cases, they will be consuming dangerous chemicals. 

Selling Pods On Social Media

Fake pods like these can be found on the black market, the dark web, shady vendors, or on the streets. Often people will find them on sketchy websites that upsell mediocre products and try to dupe the less discerning for profit. 

Other times, users will try to sell through social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. In one case, a man in Fresno California was caught trying to sell fake Stiiizy vape pods to children over social media. According to a recent local news report, the man was arrested after an elongated period of kids being caught with vape pods. 

The selling of illegal vape pods over social media has been an ongoing issue. In 2019, tales of vaping-associated dangers skyrocketed when teenagers were being put n life support for lung damage. In these cases, teenagers were buying these Jull pods for cheap over Chinese Instagram. Indeed, there is a long-standing issue with Chinese Instagram selling counterfeit vaping products and even empty pods. Many companies will buy empty Stiiizy pods in bulk and fill them with cheap and sometimes dangerous oils. 


The Dangers of Fake Vape Pods 

real vs fake stiiizy pods

These sketchy websites and counterfeit vapes are not operating within legal bounds. As a result, they do not have to pass FDA regulations that legitimate vapes have to. Many of these pods contain dangerous chemicals like Vitamin E acetate. These chemicals can do serious damage to users’ lungs, so it is recommended that users refrain from buying illegal pods. 

How To tell if your Stiiizy Vape Pod is Legit 

There are a few ways to verify if your Stiiizy vape pods are legitimate or fake. 

  1. Look up images of legitimate Stiiizy vape pod packaging on their official website. Fonts are often changed because it can be hard to find the exact font used. Many fake Stiiizy products will also fail to add a sticker with the THC content. 
  2. Cheaper is rarely better. Any vape pods under $60 should be a red flag. Compare and contrast prices and avoid deals that seem too good to be true. 
  3. If you buy a specific product, check that the THC content and ingredients are the same as advertised on the official Stiiizy website 
  4. If there is a black plastic insert in the box, it is fake. Real Stiiizy products do not include black packaging. 
  5. Check the spelling. Stiiizy is spelled with three I’s, avoid any products that misspell Stiiizy or any other words on the packaging. 


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