Fake Raw Garden Live Resin Cartridges 

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Fake Raw Garden Live Resin Cartridges 

fake raw garden cartridges for sale

Raw Garden cartridges have become the most popular cartridge out of California. In fact, Forbes did an interview with their CEO, and learned they are expanding to Arizona. Unfortunately, this popularity has caused counterfeits of its products from criminals trying to profit with poisonous cannabis oil. There are ways to ensure you’re buying a real Raw garden cartridge that we will explain in this article. Unfortunately, the fakes look close to identical to the real thing. This is because the packaging is being sold online from overseas.

But what they can never fake is the super clear cannabis oil from Raw Garden, it almost looks like water with a hint of yellow. However, the temperature of the environment can impact the color of marijuana oil extract. It’s important to keep your thc oil cartridges in a cool not too hot or cold environment, or else the color can become darker in warm environments. Besides the cannabis oil looking super cool, their live resin cartridges are the best. I’ve tried so many different live resin carts in California, and none come close to the quality from Raw Garden.

How To Buy Real Raw Garden Carts

real vs fake raw garden carts

Buying from an authorized retailer will guarantee your not going to get a fake Raw Garden cartridge. Platforms such as Weedmaps.com have implemented a blue badge that indicates that a dispensary or delivery service is verified as an authorized seller. If you buy from an authorized retailer in California, you will get a genuine cartridge. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, we recommend the Flower Company for the best prices. There is an annual membership fee of $100, but afterwards a gram cartridge from Raw Garden becomes about only $45 with tax included. 


Anywhere else a gram goes for about $65-$75 on average with tax. These cannabis oil cartridges are super high quality and considered super premium. Buying from somebody who claims they have real Raw garden carts on the other hand will most likely get you counterfeits. As someone who resides in California, I’ve come across a lot of people claiming they have Raw garden cartridges for sale at huge discounts. 

Why Do People Love Raw Garden?

There really isn’t any other cannabis oil cartridge that can compare to Raw garden’s potency, taste, and strain variety. They have a vast selection of over 800 different strains, and grow their marijuana free of any pesticides. Every single THC oil cartridge comes with lab test results that can verify the product is clean of any impurities. If you want to learn more about Raw Garden cartridges check out our more in depth review on them. They recently released disposable vape pens with .3 grams of marijuana oil prefilled. 

In conclusion, if you even have to ask if you bought a fake Raw garden cartridge then it probably is a counterfeit. Do not buy your carts from somebody who does not have your best intentions in mind, and instead is profit driven. Counterfeit weed vape pens have been tested for many harmful chemicals, and people have been hospitalized from fakes. Therefore we can only recommend buying from a reputable retailer who is licensed by the state of California. 

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