Top 5 Best Live Resin Carts of 2021

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The Best Live Resin Carts of 2021

Everything you need to know about what live resin is, how to vape it, and the best live resin products on the market today.

What is Live Resin?

If you’re ready to step up your cannabis vaping game to a higher tier, live resin may be in the cards for you.  Live resin is often called a “boutique” form of vaping cannabis because, as the name suggests, the resin is extracted from live, freshly picked cannabis flower.  For other cannabis concentrates, the bud is usually dried and cured.  The curing process mildly affects the terpene profiles, often degrading them and making the cannabis less potent overall.

For live resin, once the fresh bud is harvested, it’s immediately flash-frozen.  This freezes all of the live compounds in the plant in an instant.  Once the frozen material is passed through a solvent, extractors apply a specific heat temperature to remove solvent and vaporize the cannabis, where it then cools back down into a thick liquid material.  What you are left with is a cannabis concentrate chocked full of aroma and natural terpenes.  Live resin is categorized as a full spectrum extract, which means the plant isn’t altered by decarboxylation or oxidation.

How is Live Resin Consumed?

You can consume live resin with any vaporizing method, including dab rigs, live resin vape pens, or nectar collectors, which is essentially just a portable dab setup.  You can also smoke live resin and combine it with flower by wrapping it around a joint or blunt or adding pieces of it to a packed bowl.

The 5 Best Live Resin Carts of 2021

Below we take a look at the most popular and highly rated live resin cartridges in 2021.

1. Raw Garden

raw garden live resin cartridge
Raw Garden has some of the highest quality oil on the market today.  Their live resin looks beautiful and vapes effortlessly.  Raw Garden’s products all come out of their farm in California, where they pride themselves on practicing modern, sustainable agriculture (they even use their own cannabis seeds).  Using a Cryogenic freezing technique, what’s left is a live resin that’s all cannabis oil and terpenes, with no additives whatsoever.


2. Stiiizy

stiiizy live resin pod
Stiiizy has a wide range of high-quality cannabis products, including vape batteries, live resin, flower, and edibles.  As far as live resin goes, they have a long list indica, hybrid, and sativa extracts, so you can be super picky about the type of high you want.  Stiiizy has all the goods you’d need to set yourself for the ultimate live resin experience.

3. Flower Company

flowercompany live resin cartridge review
Flower Company is a members-only weed delivery club based out of San Francisco, California.  They have long-standing relationships with weed farmers and brands in California and have a process that’s streamlined, quick, and inexpensive for members.  If you become a member, you can even get your next-day delivery for your live resin.

4. Bloom

bloom live resin cart
Bloom specializes specifically in oils and live resin extracts and has been an expert in the field for over a decade.  They have an attractive range of vaping tools, including a one-time use vape with 100 hits, two discreet reusable vapes, and a dropper tool, so you can use your live resin in whatever way works for you.

5. 710Labs

710 labs live resin pod
710Labs is a unique company based out of California and Colorado.  They pride themselves on their cultivation process, which is entirely organic, pesticide-free, small-batch, and hand-trimmed.  Their collection features live resins, hashish, flower, and gummies.  710Labs is definitely worth your time if you want to get to know boutique-quality weed products.


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