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People Are Selling Their Own Strains In Fake Runtz Bags

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People Are Selling Their Own Strains In Fake Runtz Bags

The Weed Scams and Fake Runtz Bags

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The legalization of marijuana had lead to the generation of new and improved cannabis genetics and strains. Today, more marijuana cultivators seek to preserve, create, or better existing strains to produce one that is exceptional for its user. Since the creation of the rare award-winning hybrid, Runtz, more black market sellers and dealers seek to trick people into purchasing knock-offs of popular strains. Of course, during 2020 and even now so 2021, the Runtz bag weed scam has become a hot topic amongst marijuana users globally.

Runtz Weed Strain

Runtz is a hybrid of the mouthwatering Gelato and Zkittlez weed strain. It is a rare hybrid created by the company known as Cookies, and it’s gained a lot of popularity across cannabis connoisseurs far and wide. When smoking the Runtz pot, users will experience a strong Sativa high—the euphoric high starts of intense stimulating the mind and encouraging creativity. Gradually the high will progress to a deep bodily relaxation coupled with bouts of an energy rush.

So, What are Runtz Bags?

The Runtz weed strain has undoubtedly become one of the most popular marijuana strains of 2020 and 2021. It’s no surprise that its growing popularity has enticed many users to seek out this strain to add to their collection. The demand and popularity to acquire a Runtz bag have been a goldmine for the marijuana black market. And so there is a large trend sweeping across the cannabis industry, black market dealers are sneakily placing average quality weed into it in a knock-off dispensary bag and selling it at a ridiculous price. 

The trouble is these black market sellers aren’t just your regular dealer meeting up in person to make a sale! Black market sellers can be found across social media, the dark web, and Google. Some of the more popular places you can acquire a fake Runtz bag is through Amazon, Etsy, and especially Alibaba.

How Can you Tell Fake Runtz?

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Determining whether or not a Runtz bag is fake or real is no easy task! But it’s still doable. You can look for many things to determine if your Runtz is a real deal or a knock-off. 

  1. Check the color scheme: The main giveaway to determining the authenticity of fake Runtz bags is to look at the bag’s color scheme. You’ll see discoloration of the bag, a lack of vibrancy, and the low resolution of pictures or logos. And this is mainly because fake Runtz bags are cheap to produce and cheap to purchase. A real Runtz bag will have high-resolution images and intense, vibrant colors as its main goal, of course, is to interest and engage possible customers. 
  2. The hat trick: If someone offers you a Runtz bag that contains a hat as part of its logo, then stay clear. An authentic Runtz package will not contain a hat as part of its logo.
  3. Weed quality can say it all: Alright, this is for veteran smokers as it’s a skill not everyone may possess. The iconic Runtz strain will have a deep-intense sweet aroma with notes of tropical pineapple and earthy wood. Assessing the buds themselves can be a huge giveaway on whether or not you possess a fake. Buds from this strain are a dense, deep green color. Authentic Runtz packages will contain large fragrant popcorn buds with a distinctive color. 
  4. Look at the labels but don’t rely on them: This is somewhat of an -iffy area when it comes to identifying authentic cannabis packaging from a fake. Authentic cannabis packaging will contain a label that shows the THC and CBD content of the marijuana buds. A barcode, batch number, and harvest date should also be present on the label. But, wait, there is a problem! Black market dealers are getting a little more creative, so you will occasionally see fake packages containing fake labels, barcodes, and batch numbers. 

How Do You Get a Real Runtz?

cookies dispensary

The selling and distribution of weed packaged in a knock-off of the Runtz bag are a massive problem within the cannabis industry. As marijuana remains to be illegal under federal law obtaining the authentic Runtz strain can be a bit of a challenge. But for the states that have legalized marijuana, obtaining a Runtz can be more manageable. The Runtz marijuana strain is a rare hybrid, so the only way you can purchase the real deal is by visiting a licensed Cookies dispensary in-person or online to schedule a pick up.


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