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8 Best Types Of Cannabis Pipes In 2021

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Many of today’s pipes are nowhere like the original designs and have evolved with much better functionality.  We explore the most popular pipes for smoking mairjuana in 2021, and talk about their unique properties! Learn about the best marijuana pipes that will provide excellent flavor, and huge hits. We identify new types of weed pipes that have gone viral, and educate about their features too. Gain insight into each pipe by someone who has tried each one, and has been smoking ganja for close to two decades. Popularity of weed pipes are based on Google trends data, which shows the most popular keyword phrases and allows comparison against other keywords. 

It’s also important where you buy your smoking pipes for cannabis to avoid any that can be dangerous to your health or just easily break because of the glass being too thin. So, we will take a look at some reliable places online to find durable and effective cannabis pipes. But first, just in case you’re entirely new to smoking weed with a pipe, we have a short guide below on the steps to smoke weed with a pipe! At the end of this article, we will expose where your local smoke shops and 99% of online headshops are buying cheap weed pipes and reselling them for a profit. 

How To Use A Weed Pipe?

Before we dive into the many different types of pipes for getting high on some ganja, it’s important to understand how to smoke weed using a pipe. We break it down step by step how to smoke cannabis using a pipe! This guide can be applied to all the marijuana pipes on this list! It’s important to take your time, and do not skip any step on the list below. It’s really easy to learn how to smoke weed from a pipe, but there is a learning curve to it. 

  1. First, it’s not recommended to break your bud up by hand, unless you’re going to be persistent at tearing it into shreds. Grinding your nugs up using a weed grinder will provide the best smoking experience from your pipe! This will allow the cannabis to easily catch the flame and light up for you to smoke! It’s crucial to always grind your bud super fine for any of these pipes on the list below. Super fine weed is going to lead to an easy to light bowl.
  2. Now, light up using a hemp wick preferably, but the flame from a lighter will be sufficient too. 
  3. Place your lips onto the marijuana pipe and take small puffs while lighting, but do not inhale on these puffs, the goal is to light the cannabis up.
  4. Only after the weed has caught the flame, cover the hole on the side of the pipe with your finger while inhaling and release your finger and exhale the marijuana smoke.
  5. It’s recommended to exhale right away, and avoid keeping the smoke in your lungs for a long period of time. 

Best Marijuana Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2021

There are so many different types of pipes available now since marijuana continues to become legalized in the USA. There are more smoke shops now then before and they are selling these weed pipes. Learn about which are the most popular based on the most searches being done online for them. You can not argue with these numbers, and they can be verified using the free Google trends tool. Also learn about the average cost for each weed pipe, and the reasons why it’s a popular choice. 

1.The Glass Pipe

glass weed pipe

Among the many different weed pipes available today, the glass pipe is still the most popular for smoking weed.

We start off with a favorite among many stoners, the glass pipe. The most popular material to smoke cannabis out from is glass, and that’s because it’s cheap and allows for flavorful smoking sessions. They are also widely accessible at local smoke shops and cost on average about $10-$15, but can range much higher depending on the artist of the glass. The most typical glass pipe will fit snugly in your hand, and can fit an average of about a quarter of a gram of cannabis. The popularity of Glass pipes has shifted to more durable types that we will mention above below. 

Screen Pipesglass pipe screens

Screens are not essential but can be really helpful at preventing super finely ground marijuana from reaching your mouth. They also help minimize the ash stains that will occur to your glass pipe that are unavoidable. Screens for your glass pipe can prove to be rather useful and are recommended. 

2. Bubbler Pipes

bubbler pipe

The glass bubbler is really good for those after the most smooth hits from their weed pipe. The water filtration will cool the smoke down a lot.

A bubbler pipe is just like a normal glass pipe but with water filtration. It’s not as compact because of the extra area needed for the water, but it’s worth it for the exchange in much smoother smoke! You can typically take larger hits from a bubbler type weed pipe too. It’s not as comparable to a bong hit, but still much smoother than a regular joint. Depending on the size and sophistication of the design will determine how smooth your smoking experience will be with a bubbler pipe. The price of a decent one will range from $30-$50.00.

3. Glass Blunt Pipe

glass blunt pipe

A glass blunt with a ceramic spiral is the best option when there has been others that tested for the danger toxic metal lead.

The glass blunt is a new type of smoking pipe for cannabis, and data shows its here to stay. Its popularity really soared a few years ago, but it was brought down when a bunch of counterfeits flooded the market with cheap glass blunts for sale online that later people discovered to have dangerous levels of lead in it. You’re only going to have a good experience with a glass blunt pipe if you buy from a company that uses safe materials. Also, not all glass blunt designs are the same with some being much better than others. 

Smoking premium cannabis strains with the glass blunt is a super flavorful experience, and the reason why this pipe became so popular in the first place. Besides its ability to not interfere with the taste of your marijuana smoking, it’s also really useful at helping stretch your stash. Only load as much as you need similar to a one hitter quitter type pipe. Another option is loading up 2 grams of finely ground herb and simply twisting out the cherry upon finishing a session, and capping it with the rubber cap that’s included for a later session. 

4. One Hitter Metal Marijuana Pipes

one hitter pipe

This tiny little glass pipe can load enough for just a hit, perfect for those trying to prolong their weed!

The one hitter type pipe is small and can be made from glass or metal. There are also silicone one hitter pipes available now too that are for sale. But the most popular are made from metal and glass. These are the perfect weed pipes for the infrequent cannabis smoker, where only a small dosage of weed is plenty enough to get baked. They are some of the most inexpensive types of marijuana pipes on our list ranging from on average only $5-$15.00. 

5. Metal Smoking Pipe

metal cannabis pipe

Smoking cannabis out of a metal pipe is effective and nothing new.


A good metal pipe will not add any extra taste to a marijuana smoking session. Typically, they can have a rubber mouthpiece and screen inside of it to prevent cannabis from reaching you. They are typically smaller than popular glass pipes, and can cost less on average too. The only concern with these types of weed pipes is the metal, steel is fine, but beware those from China made from lead. Cleaning a metal pipe is not as easy as the others, but they are more durable and won’t break when dropped.

6. Steamroller Pipe

steamroller pipe

This is an old school type of marijuana pipe but still used by many today.

No, this marijuana pipe will not steam your weed. But, it looks really nice seeing the marijuana smoke travel through it, which looks like steam a bit! The steamroller weed pipe is truly an old school method of smoking, but it’s not as popular as it used to be, especially with all the new pipes entering the market like the glass blunt. Another reason why the steamroller pipe is not that popular anymore is because of its size that is bigger than regular pipes. A lot of people want that compactness with their marijuana pipes, and with the smooth hits being the other priority. 

7. Wood Pipes

Marijuana Joint, Pipe and Grinder on White Background Horizontal Image

People really enjoy smoking their herbs out of a wood pipe because of how it feels to hold it. This marijuana pipe has gone back to the beginning of smoking cannabis with people and is still a choice among stoners, just not as popular anymore. People will still choose this option because of its durability. It’s always a nice feeling when your cannabis pipe isn’t broken when dropping it, and wood pipes provide that reliability. If you’re on a budget and just looking for a way to smoke your weed, then the wood pipe is the perfect option. You can find these wooden carved pipes online for the cost of only $10-20 on average. Smoking from a wooden pipe usually has a metal holder for your weed inside of it, and there is no added flavor to your bud. We can’t stress enough to use a hemp wick over a common BIC lighter, this is to avoid inhaling the lighter fluid. 

8. Silicone Cannabis Pipe

silicone weed pipe

Silicone weed pipes are new school and very cool. No more break weed pipes with this option!

The latest type of material to enter the market for cannabis pipes is silicone. The popularity of silicone pipes for smoking weed has exploded because of how cheap and their effectiveness. Most of these silicone pipes do come from China, so that’s something to consider when purchasing one. They’ve become a top selling product for many head shops locally and online because of their low cost. A lot of people are just going online and buying them directly from China themselves. 

Where to Buy Cheap Marijuana Pipes For Sale Online?

The savings of buying directly from the source is huge, and there are places like dhgate and alibaba that make it super easy! They are the eBays of China, but have a massive amount of business owners buying from them and profiting substantially. There are even people who buy from these two online stores and have made online businesses flipping products bought from there.

We placed orders on both of these platforms and successfully received high quality products, and with fast shipping! Was really surprised when we received our packages in a week’s time and all the way from Shanghai China. These two websites are the secrets behind your local head shops that are putting huge markups on their weed pipes. Please let us know in the comments about your experiences buying marijuana pipes directly from the source on these two platforms. 

Unfortunately, these two platforms that we listed above also have counterfeits of popular weed pipes like glass blunts. We discourage from buying these counterfeits because it’s against the law, and it’s likely to have dangerous levels of lead in it. We can only recommend buying glass and silicone pipes from Alibaba and Dhgate. They have a massive amount of marijuana pipe options with truely intricate designs, and the most popular types.

We do not discourage you from buying from your local glass artist, but only recommend buying directly to help those on a limited budget. It’s quite surprising to see the talent that exists overseas when it comes to glass pipes sold from China, and the prices are unbeatable even with shipping included.

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Pipe?

Let us know in the comments below about your own personal favorite type of pipe for smoking weed. Also feel free to share any types of marijuana pipes that we may have missed that deserve to be mentioned on our list. This list is reflecting the most popular marijuana pipes for 2021 using data pulled from Google trends. Which is cool because any one can verify that our content is accurate and unbiased. This article is not sponsoring any products and providing its own opinions based on using each of the above pipes for smoking cannabis. Feel free to share your own experience with any of the mention pipes above, or any that you’ve tried that aren’t on it.


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