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Top 10 Types Of Weed Edibles In 2021

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Top 10 Types Of Weed Edibles In 2021

Marijuana edibles are at an all time high in popularity according to the Google trends tool. More people are buying THC and CBD edibles than ever before, and this is because the cannabinoids are being legalized more throughout the world. The USA passed the farm bill which made delta-8 THC and cannabidiol legalized in most states. It’s where marijuana is completely legalized that the best edibles can be found for sale. It’s crucial to buy from marijuana edible brands that provide lab test results with accurate labels. There has been news reports of many edibles being lab tested and shown to have inaccurate amounts of CBD and THC in the edibles.

How Do Edibles Make You Feel

It depends on the type of edible taken that will determine how you feel. There are some weed edibles and other hemp options too that have a max cap of THC at 0.03%. The most popular to buy online are delta-8 THC edibles and CBD hemp extracted options. A cannabis edible is going to typically have a large amount of THC, but eating a small dose will keep the psychoactive effects down. Beware eating too much THC which can result in a bad experience, but not fatal. 


Marijuana edibles infused with a sativa strain is going to provide an uplifting mood and energy similar to drinking a cup of coffee. These edibles are perfect for those who just need a little extra hand at focusing too.


Taking an indica edible a couple of hours before going to sleep can really help you fall asleep fast when it’s that time. These are also recommended for pain management and reducing inflammation. 

Edibles Vs Smoking

Smoking weed gives you that instant high, while eating edibles will kick in typically within 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The effects from an edible can be much more intense compared to those from smoking. People like low dose edibles because they are effective and healthier compared to smoking. 

Marijuana Edible Dosage 

We are not a licensed physician, and only sharing our experiences with edibles. Always read the label for the suggested amount of dosage. It’s typically suggested to start with 5mg of tetrahydrocannabinol.  

CBD Edibles 

There are some pure CBD edible options that are typically made from isolates, these are categorized as broad spectrum. They are suitable for people after relief from pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and more. The relief is provided without any mind altering which means you can legally drive with CBD edibles that have no THC. However, you can not legally drive on CBD edibles that have THC infused in them. Driving with an altered state of mind is illegal, and an edible with tetrahydrocannabinol should be treated as if it was alcohol. 

THC Edibles

Prepare for not only a body high, but a mind high that’s not going to be similar to smoking cannabis. The effects from eating a THC edible is determined by the dosage, body weight, and if you ate anything. We do not recommend eating a highly concentrated cannabis edible with THC on an empty stomach. 

Side effects

Eating too much tetrahydrocannabinol can lead to greening out. Which is a term coined in the marijuana community as overdosing on THC. Which can lead to vomiting, acute anxiety that can feel like having a heart attack, inability to sleep, and even hallucinations. Do not under any circumstance drive while experiencing any negative side effects from eating too much THC, and instead request help from someone to drive you to a medical professional. Best advice is to use a ride sharing app to quickly get you to a hospital so they can provide you with an IV or anxiety medicine based on your symptoms.

Eating too much CBD can lead to an upset stomach and even diarrhea. Still, these side effects are not anyway as severe as other pain pill medications. 

Best Edibles Have Accurate Labels & Lab Test Results

It’s important not to buy edibles from sources that might not be providing clean products, and can include pesticides extracted from the marijuana. Unfortunately, the black market has exploded with edibles being sold with their own brands that are even infringing on the copyrights of candies. It’s a whole lot easier to travel with edibles and go undetected, but with the made up creative weed brands from the black market, they are self snitching on themselves. 

1. Gummy Edibles 

weed gummies

The most popular type of marijuana infused edible are gummies! They are searched for online more than any other type of weed edible, and can be found sold from a countless amount of sellers online. Not all edible gummies are the same, and you should always read the label closely. 


2. Chocolate Edibles

chocolate edibles

Eating chocolate infused THC or CBD candies can taste delightful, with some having virtual no taste of the weed in it. I noticed a slight tingling sensation on my tongue that I am sure was the THC in a Kiva chocolate. We recommend eating dark chocolate infused with both THC and CBD, and always start off with a low dose of 5mg. 

3. Brownie Edibles weed brownies

One of the all time favorite edibles among stoners is the brownie. Be careful to not eat an entire brownie with a lot of THC in it, or prepare for a mental roller coaster ride that will lead to going to sleep. Eating a small dosage can make watching a movie much more pleasurable. 

4. Weed Cookiesweed cookies

Typically you will only eat a small piece of a weed cookie for the suggested dose that can be located on the label. Chocolate chip and peanut butter weed marijuana cookies are the most popular types. However, there are so many new types of cookies being infused with THC that its hard to keep up. 

5. Rice Crispy Edibles rice crispy edible

Another all time favorite edible with stoners are rice crispy treats infused with THC! Man these things are delicious but be prepared to taste that distinct marijuana taste depending on the type. These pot edibles can be found in many dispensaries in California and other legalized places.


6. Cannabuttercannabutter

Add some butter infused with THC with your toast for a tasty way to medicate, or bake your own choice of cake or cookies with it! Cannabis infused butter has always been really popular because of the many different types of food you can make with it. Remember though that high heat will deactivate some of the THC effectiveness. It’s encourage to bake at 350 degrees max to avoid reducing the effectiveness of the THC. 

7. Weed Coffee Infused with THC

Every cannabis smoker enjoys mixing a smoke with a warm cup of caffeine. That sweet jolt of energy combined with the focus and relaxation from smoking cannabis is truly a treat. Now you can have both with a single cup of weed coffee! Which is much healthier compared to smoking marijuana. There are even coffee shops with their entire business model revolving around selling CBD infused coffee, and others selling THC dominated options in legalized places.

8. Lollipops thc infused lolipops

The popularity of lollipop edibles have grown substantially, which can be due to its relatively low cost. They are available in dispensaries where marijuana is legalized for recreational or medical use. They typically have 5mg of THC or CBD, but always read the label! 

9. Popcorn Infused with THCpopcorn infused with thc

Find bags of popcorn infused with THC for sale in states where its legal. This salty treat is a really popular option.

10. THC Pills

THC pills

We suggest trying THC pills if you do not want to taste anything related to cannabis but want its effects. They are growing in popularity because of their tasteless experience and effectiveness. 

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